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How To Quick And Easy Natural Massage Melts

Massage melts are an unusual body product. They stay solid at room temperature, but once applied to the skin, they begin to melt and soften due to body heat. They are used to moisturize dry skin and relax tight muscles.

Massage bars are essentially made of natural oils and butters. Cocoa butter is a common ingredient in this type of product. This butter is great for moisturizing, but I find it too difficult to use. You should use butters like shea or mango to create a luxurious, silkier feel to your melts.

Sweet almond and Jojoba are great oils. Sweet almond oil is light in texture and easily penetrates the skin, making it a great choice for dry skin types. It is safe for all skin types. Jojoba oil is not an oil, but a liquid wax. It is very similar to the sebum, which your skin secretes. Jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and soothes the skin. It also extends the shelf-life of other oils.

You can also substitute the above oil with grapeseed or sunflower oils, as well as soybean. The remaining ingredients include beeswax and vitamin E.

Beeswax is a natural humectant and helps formulations retain their shape. Vitamin E oil is a natural antioxidant that protects your product against rancidity. Essential oils are natural ingredients which are the essence of the plant. The oils are extracted from the plants’ flowers, fruits, leaves, bark, roots, and seeds. They can be used for therapeutic and scent purposes. Be aware that essential oils can be volatile so make sure to research before you use them. Although fragrance oils are synthetic, they can be used to create a unique scent that is not possible with essential oils.


3 1/2 oz. Shea butter

3 1/2 oz. 3 1/2 oz.

2 oz. 2 oz.

2 oz. 2 oz.

1/4 teaspoon 1/4 tsp.


Choose the mold(s) you prefer

1 digital cooking thermometer

2 Pyrex measuring cups

1 small digital scale

1 set of aluminum measuring spoons

Wax paper to measure on the scale

Pyrex cups covered with plastic wrap


Step 1: Place all equipment on a clean, dry surface. To measure the beeswax and shea butter base, place a sheet wax paper on top of the digital postal scale. Cover the base with plastic wrap and place in a Pyrex container. In the microwave, melt all ingredients.

Step 2: As the base melts, you can use the Pyrex second cup to hold your sweet almond, jojoba, vitamin E and essential/fragrance oil (if applicable). Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it cool.

Step 3: Mix the base thoroughly once it has melted. Mix the Pyrex cups from step 2 in the base Pyrex cups. Then pour the mixture into the molds. Allow to cool for at least two hours before allowing them to set. Once the melts are softened, place them in the refrigerator until they become hard. The melts should pop out of their molds easily. Apply the product to your skin and allow it to absorb. Because of its melting properties, store any unopened portions in a cool area.

Note: You can use essential oils or fragrance oils in your recipe by placing a digital thermometer into the melted shea butter base and beeswax. Let the temperature drop to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher temperature will cause the fragrance oils to be destroyed. Once the temperature reaches this point, immediately pour the Pyrex cups from step 2 into the Pyrex cups with the base. Mix quickly and then pour into the molds. Continue with step 3.

Muscle Relief Essential Oil Blend

1/2 tsp. 1/2 tsp.

1/2 teaspoon. 1/2 tsp.

30 drops Rosemary

Tropical Fragrance Oil Mix (Substitute mango butter for shea butter)

1/2 tsp Heliotrope fragrance oil

1/4 tsp Coconut Milk fragrance oil

30-50 drops of Tahitian Vanilla fragrance oils

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