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Home Remedies For Head Lice

Head lice (Pediculus capsitis) is one of the most common parasites found on the human body. These parasitic insects thrive on our humble host. They are found on the scalp, but they can also be found on your neck or face. Six legs with a shaft-like shape grasp the hair to allow for more movement. Although head lice are often a sign of poor hygiene or sanitation, it can also be a sign that there is a lack of hygiene. Because of their daily contact with children, children are the most likely hosts for these parasites. Simple head-to-head contact can open Pandora’s Box.

You can also transfer the condition by using combs, towels, and hats that are similar to your hair. Lice cannot survive without food for longer than 24 hours. Lice eat blood from their host to get energy. There are three types of lice: the egg, nymph, and adult. Head lice can cause a tickling sensation in the hair and constant itching from the bites. There are three types of lice: head lice, pubic lice, and body lice.

Self-Care Tips

*Louse and nit combs can be used to reduce their population.

*Use the right shampoo to keep your hair clean and well-groomed.

*Always wash your hair daily and keep it clean to prevent this from happening.

*It is easier to get rid of lice if you have short hair or go bald.

*Keep your surroundings clean.

*Keep in mind that you must clean all surfaces simultaneously before you begin the treatment. This will prevent any re-infestations.

Home remedies for lice

Mix 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 cup tea tree oil, and 1 teaspoon eucalyptus oils in your regular shampoo. This solution should be applied to your head and covered with a plastic bag. After half an hour, rinse it off. This can be used to repel these invaders.

Apply mayonnaise to your scalp after washing your hair. Cover it with mayonnaise overnight. The next day, rinse it and use a lice comb to remove it. You would be able to slide the lice through your hair easily.

Vaseline can be applied to your scalp to kill lice. Vaseline can be a tedious task as it is difficult to get rid of. To make it easier, you can apply corn flour before washing.

Mix 20 drops of each eucalyptus and tea tree oils, 10 drops of each aniseed and lemon essential oils with 75ml of olive oil to make a mixture. This mixture should be applied to your hair for at least an hour. To see positive results, wash your hair later.

Use Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash to wash your hair. The essential oils such as menthol, eucalyptol and thymol may kill lice.

Make a solution with baby oil or another mineral oil and equal amounts of vinegar. This can be used on your hair. After the solution has dried, cover your hair and let it dry for at least an hour before you shampoo it. The inbound properties vinegar and oil may reduce lice.

Warning: This article contains warnings. If you have an allergy to any of the products, please do not use them. The reader is responsible for their actions, not the writer.

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