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Home Remedies For Flu

Flu is caused by flu viruses. Flu can be contagious. If you are around flu-infected people, such as someone who coughs, sneezes, or touches objects contaminated by flu viruses, it is possible to contract the disease.

Although flu symptoms can be easily detected, they may not appear until a few days later. Flu can spread quickly to anyone who has ever come in contact with it. Flu symptoms include: sore throat, stuffy nose, fever, dry cough, dry cough, fever, dry cough, headaches, dry mouth, dry throat, dry cough, dry sinuses, dry eyes, dry nose, dry throat, dry eye, sore throat, and headaches.

These are some tips to prevent getting the flu bug.

-Get a flu shot / vaccine.

Avoid crowds in places such as theatres, cinemas, and shopping centers if there is flu epidemic. The virus can spread easily.

Keep away from coughing and sneezing people.

Stop smoking and abstaining from alcohol. It can cause damage to your respiratory tract, impair your resistance, and make you more vulnerable to the flu.

To reduce the chance of getting infected, wash your hands often.

Reduce stress, as people who are stressed are more likely to fall ill.

Avoid fried foods and eat a low-sugar diet.

Avoid exposure to chemicals, dust, and sudden and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Flu spreads easily through contact so it is best to stay home until you are fully recovered. You will feel tired and sick if you don’t get to sleep well. You are more likely to get complications if you continue working despite being sick.

Liquids are essential as they provide nutrients even when you don’t feel like eating. They also prevent you from becoming dehydrated. Get plenty of fluids such as water, soups and veg, or non-veg, as well as other fluids, like juices. Both carrot and beet juice are high in nutrients. Mixing fruit juice with water in equal quantities and adding a little sugar will provide the required glucose.

Humidification will make it less painful to have a sore throat, a cough or dry nasal passages. Your nose will become red and sore if you continue to blow your nose. To reduce irritation, lubricate your nostrils using petroleum jelly products. Warm compresses can be used to ease tired, aching muscles. Warm water can be used to relieve any nasal congestion or headaches.

Make sure your room is able to receive fresh air at all times. Keep your chills at bay by wearing warm and close-fitting clothes. Give someone a back rub to activate the immune system and fight the flu. You should not eat heavy during flu season. Eat fruits, cereals, and boiled foods.

Gargling salt water solution can help soothe a sore, scratchy throat that is a sign of a flu infection. This will eliminate any secretions from your throat.

To get immediate relief, take a warm tablespoon of honey with some lemon at night.

Warm water with honey and lemon is a good way to loosen the phlegm.

Mix 1 drop of tea oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass warm water. Gargle every day. Do not swallow.

To your hot water bath, add 10-20 drops of either tea tree or eucalyptus oil, or lemon, or lavender oil. This will help your immune system fight off the virus infection and reduce your symptoms.

For 3-4 days, take 1 tbsp lukewarm honey with 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder. It boosts immunity and protects against viral and bacteria attacks.

For flu symptoms, juices of cranberry and dark grapes, as well as those made from pear, cranberry and pomegranate, are recommended. They have anti-congestion and anti-runny nose properties.

This article’s reader should take all precautions when following the instructions. If you have an allergy to anything, don’t use it. It is the responsibility of the reader to avoid any allergic reactions, and not the site or the writer.



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