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Herbs For Women

One day, a customer brought in her bag of vitamins. We began to look through the bag, identifying each bottle and their purpose. One bottle she was not sure she was taking was found in our bag. I was not surprised that she claimed she didn’t know if the product was helping her prostate health. I asked her why she started taking the product. She didn’t mention the purpose. It was her uncle’s words that it did so much good for him.

It can be hard to navigate through all of the different herbs out there. Which ones are best for what? And when are they most beneficial? The complexity increases when you add in all the vitamins and herbal formulas. It is crucial that you research each natural product as well as the ingredients before you use them. A natural coach can help you decide what and how much to take. Even if you use the services of a trained guide to help you, it is important that you never rely on them as your only source of information. Be sure to understand why you’re taking drugs or herbs and what it might do for you.

Here’s a guide for beginners to herbal health supplements for women.

Bayberry – Bayberry can be helpful to ease heavy menstrual bleeding.

Black cohosh – Black cohosh’s estrogenic properties have earned it the reputation of being helpful for hot flashes, and other premenopausal issues. It can also be used to induce contractions, control bleeding and ease afterbirth pains. It should be avoided in the final 4 to 6 weeks. Only then, and only with the supervision of a qualified midwife or doctor.

Blessed Thistle – This herb is similar to Milk Thistle and is used to strengthen the liver. Women can reap the benefits of this herb, which includes balancing hormones and enriching breast milk, reducing inflammation, and unclogging milk tubes.

Blue Cohosh – Blue Cohosh relaxes muscles spasms and stimulates uterine contractions, making it useful during childbirth. It should be avoided during the last six weeks of pregnancy. This herb should only be used under the supervision of a skilled midwife or doctor because it can cause harm to the unborn baby.

Dong Quai is a Chinese herb that has been extensively used in Chinese medicine to address female problems. It is a general-tonic which means it can be used for many female conditions, including PMS, regulation menses, and infertility.

False unicorn – False unicorn has historically been used to stop a miscarriage.

Ginger – This herb is often used to treat digestive problems and can be helpful for morning sickness during pregnancy.

Maca – This herb is beneficial for both men and women. It has been used to increase sexual desire.

Parsley – You can dry breast milk when you are ready to stop breastfeeding.

Red Raspberry – This herb is rich in manganese and can be used to strengthen and tone the uterus as well as regulate the female organs. This herb is extremely beneficial to teenage girls and their families during this emotional rollercoaster.

These herbs have been used for centuries as a support to female health. Although there isn’t much scientific evidence to support their use they are generally safe when used according to directions. It is important that we take on the responsibility of being our own health care system.



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