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Cure Lung Cancer Alternative Natural Treatment

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Did you know that approximately 170000 Americans are at risk from lung cancer? This is due to many people being addicted to smoking. It is treatable. Even if the disease is severe, has spread, or is large in scale, it can be treated. We are here to help you with natural herbal treatment.

It is what it does.

The lungs take oxygen from the air and distribute it into the bloodstream. Carbon dioxide is released by the body as cells inhale oxygen. Lung cancer occurs when the cells of the lung grow out-of-control and become a tumor.

What are the different types of lung cancers?

There are two types:

1.Non-small-cell lung cancer: This type of cancer is thought to be caused by epithelial cells. This is the most common type of cancer.

2.Lung cancer of small cells: This type of lung cancer is thought to be caused by nerve cells or hormone-producing tissues.

These cancers are treated differently and require different types of treatment.

Risk factors:

The following factors can be used to list the factors:


This disease is most commonly caused by smoking. Smoking tobacco causes damage to the lungs, which in turn leads to abnormal cell growth. People who smoke for long periods of time and heavily are at higher risk of developing the disease.


These crystals are hair-like and can be found in many kinds of rocks. They are used for fireproof insulation and building materials. Inhaling asbestos fibers can cause irritation to the lungs. Lung cancer is more common in those who work in shipbuilding, asbestos mining, or insulation breaker repair.


Numerous studies have shown that asbestos exposure and smoking are particularly dangerous. Lung cancer is more common in those who smoke and are also exposed to asbestos.


Radon, an invisible and odorless gas that is naturally produced by soils and rocks, can be found in some soils and rocks. People who are exposed to this gas are at greater risk for developing certain cancers, including lung cancer.

Prevention of cancer

1. Avoiding tobacco smoking is the best way to prevent lung cancer.

2. People who work in shipbuilding, asbestos mining, or insulation breaker repair should use protective breathing equipment to reduce their risk.

3. Most hardware stores sell kits to test your home for radon. Basements can also be treated to lower radon exposure.

Lung cancer can be treated with natural remedies and herbal alternatives from Dr. Rao.

Case study

Rasheed, a patient with kidney and lung cancer, came to our center. After being diagnosed at several hospitals, he was told that he would not survive another day. His family said that he would spend his final days with them. He was also suffering from depression and had gained 50 pounds. He felt great and could do his own work after he received natural and herbal treatment from our center. He is now living a normal life, and he feels great. After the treatment, he is able to walk again without feeling tired. These natural remedies worked for him, unlike the chemicals. He can now use the natural remedies that were given to his without side effects. He was discharged from the hospital with no hope. They were shocked at his current situation. He is now fit to work, and is open to doing so with no side effects.



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