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Coral Calcium The Elixir Of Life

Are there 200 diseases of the human body? We don’t know, but maybe a doctor can. Coral calcium is being promoted as a human dietary supplement. It claims that coral calcium, a mineral found in Okinawa lagoons in Japan, can cure more than 200 types of diseases. The miracle cures they offer for blindness, AIDS patients, MS, and other diseases can be added to the list in under ten minutes.

Here are some more preventive and curative benefits of coral calcium. It doesn’t require hysterectomy; it can cure migraines and prevent rectal cancer. Is it really true? Is the world finally finding an antidote for the death threat? Hold on, for a moment.

Let’s first understand what coral calcium is and how it benefits us. Coral calcium is a form of calcium that has been extracted from corals on Okinawa Island, Japan. Coral from Okinawa is rich in calcium and magnesium, making it a useful food supplement. Calcium is vital for bone and teeth. It can be found anywhere, including Okinawa coral reef.

Robert Barefoot, another self-proclaimed doctor Carl J. Reich lost his California license 20 years ago for quackery. They made outrageous claims about their magic discoveries, magic products, and over CFRB, a Canadian news station. It was claimed that their products, which were clearly made from coral calcium, had cured AIDS. To determine if someone had a disease or not, he used a litmus pad and the saliva of the subject to test for it. This indicated whether he or he had an underlying condition (read AIDS).

Rectal cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases were diagnosed using a litmus test. They claimed that humans were dying from the disease because they were living in an alkaline environment.

Let’s see what the US FDA has to offer on the curative properties of coral calcium. FDA is clear in its dealings with new discoveries. FDA has dealt with claims from many manufacturers and distributors before addressing them individually. It exposed coral calcium’s curative and preventive therapeutic claims. Section 201(p), 21 USC SS 321,(p) states that most coral calcium products on the market violate the Act. The marketing materials for coral calcium are labeled as drugs. FDA does not have any information regarding the safety or efficacy of coral calcium used for curative or preventive purposes.

The Federal Trade Commission also held Coral Calcium Supreme marketer Kevin Trudeau, for misleading consumers with false and unsubstantiated claims. You should also remember that Kevin Trudeau was sentenced to prison for financial fraud and credit card fraud.

Finally, Okinawans may live longer than us. This is a completely different story that needs to be explored separately.



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