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Common Skin Care Myths

Everyone seems to want to look younger with the increasing importance of beauty and defiance in North American society. Although skin is a key to healthy, youthful and young appearance, not all skin care products that are available or that are popular in markets are effective. These are the very top skin care myths.


1) Acne: Acne is a very common problem among the teens in their twenties. There are many myths about acne. I could write an entire article on them. First, it is not possible to get rid of acne completely after your teens. Some people find that acne is a constant problem that will last their entire lives. Acne sufferers can be severely affected by many of the myths about the condition. Acne does not mean that one doesn’t wash their face. Many people with acne will hear this from their friends and it will prove to be very counterproductive. They end up washing their face too often. Dry skin doesn’t solve the acne problems, it actually makes it worse. While acne can be triggered by certain foods, it is rarely the “suspect food” (chocolate or French fries) that are the primary trigger. Remember that there are many treatments available for acne in markets today, and they can all be effective. Consult your doctor about it.

2) Tanning: There is nothing more worse than being exposed to the UV rays while tanning, regardless of whether you are in the sun or on a bed. Although tanning can help with acne scarring, it won’t prevent the formation of new pimples. Tanning is not only attractive, but it can also cause severe skin problems. Sunblock is recommended whenever you’re out in the sun.

3) Moisturizers. Many people actually believe that moisturizers can make their skin look younger by reducing wrinkles. However, this belief is false. Moisturizers can lubricate skin and reduce dryness but it will not repair the micro-cellular damage that wrinkles cause.

4) Skin Care ingredients. Top beauticians have been placing slices of cucumber on the eyes of clients for many years to reduce swelling and skin damage. Many products today feature a cucumber, or a slice of cucumber. These products claim to contain cucumber extracts that can help restore your skin. It is not the cucumber’s mineral content that is beneficial for the skin. Instead, cucumbers are made up mainly of water. This leeches into your skin and gives you the appearance of renewed energy and youth.

These famous myths are very often used to sell the products today using the scare tactics. If you listen to your doctor, most of your skin care issues will be resolved. They won’t require any home remedies or wives tales.



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