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Bursitis – An Unimaginable Joint Pain

This could be the most severe pain you have ever felt in your life. This pain is common in the early stages of life due to excess stress on the joints. Bursitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the bursa. There are more than 150 bursa sacs in our bodies. These fluid-filled sacs cushion the joints and keep them lubricated. It prevents friction and smoothens joint movement. Inflammation means that bursa is unable to play the same role of cushioning and lubricating joints. This makes any movement painful.

This condition can be caused by repetitive activity that is prolonged for a long time. Bursitis can be caused by excessive pressure being applied to a specific area. Bursitis can be caused by prolonged elbow rest or repetitive bending of the elbow. Bursitis may also be caused by trauma, which can cause swelling and inflammation in the bursa. Bursitis can be characterized by stiffness, a dull ache, pain from pressure or movement, and swelling. Bursitis can also be caused by rheumatoid or other inflammatory conditions. Bursitis can affect the shoulder, elbows, buttocks and hips. Sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of bursitis.

There are many types of bursitis that can cause problems in your life, including Shoulder bursitis and Trochanteric (Hip), Trochanteric Bursitis (Elbow), Trochanteric Bursitis (Elbow), Prepatellar (Kneecap), Bursitis. Inflamed bursa can cause complications. Inflamed bursa can be as close to the skin as in the case of Olecranon Bursitis. If you have a fever, mild sweats, and/or a ringing in your ears, it is possible to detect infection. Although rare, other diseases such as arthritis, staphylococcal infections, and tuberculosis can increase your risk of developing bursitis.

Home remedies for bursitis

Restrain your movements and allow your joints time to heal. This could be your best medicine.

Continuous application of cold and hot compression is possible, for 10 minutes each.

Ginger is a well-known pain reliever. You can either apply it directly to the skin or take it orally to relieve the pain.

Because of its high levels of linolenic acids, Emu oil can be used to treat bursitis. This acid helps to ease muscle and joint pains. Oleic acid, which is anti-inflammatory, penetrates the skin to provide relief.

Alfalfa capsules are rich in minerals that can be used to heal the bones.

Vitamin E oil can be applied to the joints for easy and painless movement. Vitamin E capsules are also beneficial.

Castor oil compression can also work in your favor. Castor oil can be applied to the affected area. Cover it with cotton, then heat compression using a heating pad.

You may find that stretching exercises can make a significant difference in your life.

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