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Brushing With Cranberries Maybe Later

Many of us recall the moment in November last year when reports from Tel Aviv University, and the University of Rochester suggested that we might soon be licking our cranberries.

The University of Rochester examined the very effects of cranberries upon a synthetic enamel-like substance and discovered that they had strong anti-cavity properties. They also prevented the formation of plaque on teeth.

The world immediately saw the future of the super-effective cranberry toothpaste. Although fluoridated public water has already reduced the number of cavities significantly, it is possible that if we combine the fluoride and a super-toothpaste we could see them disappear completely.

Researchers and dentists say that this is not the case. The problem is that we often add sugar to our cranberries. Although the Rochester experiments didn’t add sugar to their mixture, most of our cranberry products are loaded with it.

It’s no problem for those who keep up with dental trends. We could just add xylitol to our diet, which is a natural sweetener but it sounds a little scary. It has been proven to reverse some minor tooth decay and can even do the job on S. Mutans.

We still have a serious problem. Cranberries are bitter and extremely acidic. Acidic products can cause enamel to become softer by rubbing against your teeth. Although our teeth are capable of recovering and hardening up again, acidic substances can very much cause enamel to wear away.

For now, you can just wait, dentists. It is possible to extract all of the beneficial compounds from cranberries without having to add truckloads upon truckloads of sugar. This will avoid the acid problem. Manufacturers are making progress, but it’s not yet clear if they will be able to do so.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t see cranberry toothpastes on the market. Some have been effectively produced by smaller companies. These products claim to have all of the positive cranberry compounds. It might be worth trying if you like to experiment. If you prefer to wait until cranberry compounds are properly identified and isolated, you can do so.

Even if you don’t celebrate the Thanksgiving, you can still enjoy your cranberries. There are many benefits to cranberries, including the ability to prevent the clogged arteries and to inhibit harmful bacteria in the stomach. They have been proven to lower the LDL cholesterol, also prevent kidney stones and aid in stroke recovery.



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