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Best Ten Ways To Avoid Migraines

Migraine prevention is difficult because there are many causes of headaches. Migraine triggers can be many and it would be difficult to avoid all of them. It would be a shame to live in a cave all your life to avoid migraines. There are some things you can do to prevent migraines. Here are the top ten.

1) Reduce the amount of caffeine. Caffeine is one of the many products that can cause migraines. Too much caffeine can cause a migraine of epic proportions. Too much caffeine can cause headaches. If you are used to drinking a lot, caffeine withdrawal may also be a possibility. It’s best to slow down.

2) Let’s not forget about NutraSweet. Many people have suffered from migraines because of aspartame. You will find the largest cover-up since Roswell if you search for aspartame’s cause of migraines. While most of the information you will find isn’t supported, NutraSweet has not proven that their product causes migraines. You can avoid terrible headaches by avoiding it.

3) While there are many reasons to quit smoking, migraine prevention is another. It’s not as easy as it sounds if you smoke, but secondhand smoke can cause migraine headaches just as much as smoking. If you are able, get out of the area where people smoke. You can even ask them to stop smoking. It is your right to avoid their smoke, particularly if they are causing you headaches.

4) Develop a routine for sleeping and waking. This is a good idea. Regularly going to bed and getting up at the exact same time on weekends and weekdays can make a big difference. People who follow a consistent schedule for sleeping and waking found that their migraines disappeared completely. Or at least for as long as they keep the same pattern.

5) Stop using the pill and look for a different method of contraception. Migraine pain can be caused by birth control pills and their hormone effects. The pill doesn’t have to be stopped. Many people find that changing the brand of their pill can help them get rid of migraines. You can try other methods of contraception, or, if your partner is willing, switch to condoms.

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6) Change your lighting. Bright lights can trigger severe migraines. Consider using soft, filmy light bulbs. You can also use overhead lights instead of overhead lighting. If possible, stop using fluorescent lighting. Take frequent breaks if you spend too much time looking at your computer monitor.

7) While cheese, wine, and chocolate may seem like the perfect ingredients for a romantic picnic or afternoon escape, if you suffer from migraines, you might not feel the same way. Tyramine is a dangerous amino acid found in aged cheeses. Phenylethamine is found in chocolate. Both chemicals can trigger migraines, and alcohol can also be a trigger. Avoid all three, and look for other ways to feel romantic.

8) Instead of using perfume or cologne, use body wash. Migraines can be caused by odors and smells. Those that make you feel good about yourself are the worst. Do not smother yourself with smelly-goods.

9) Aerobic exercise. Regular exercise can increase your cardiovascular capability and improve blood flow. Recurrent migraines are often caused by poor blood flow.

10) Flying? Take a taxi or a driver. If you can avoid the headaches caused by cabin pressure drops on planes, it is possible to make your trip via alternative transportation.

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