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Bach Flower Remedies To The Rescue

My son’s head bump was the reason I became convinced about Bach flower remedies. Jon was just one year old when he had badly hit his head. I noticed the bump swelling in my eyes and decided to use the Bach rescue cream I had just purchased. The bump was partially in his hair, and partly on his forehead. The cream was hard to apply close to his hair so I applied it carefully. Although the bruise on his forehead was gone, the one in his hair remained. This was a remarkable experience that made me want to find out more about these incredible remedies.

The little booklet with all the details was easy to understand and I read it a lot. The remedies were not drugs, so they could be safely used with babies as young as one year old. There are 38 flower remedies that can be used to treat various psychological conditions. I immediately saw how I could use them. Larch is for people who lack self-confidence, aspen for people who have generalised fears, impatiens is for impatience and heather is for those who like to be the center of attention.

The remedies were created by Dr Edward Bach, pronounced “Batch” – who lived from 1886-1936 in England. Although he was trained as a doctor, he was also a pathologist and bacteriaologist. However, he felt medicine wasn’t getting to the root cause of the problem. He learned about homeopathy and created many important homeopathic remedies. However, he wasn’t satisfied and decided to create the Bach flower remedies.

These remedies are based upon flowers and trees and are intended to correct psychological problems. They are not recommended for treating physical ailments. Bach believed there was a higher plane that protects or renders vulnerable any individual against disease. (From ‘Heal Thyself, Edward Bach). If you’re unhappy or stressed, you are more likely get a cold or to become chronically ill.

Bach discovered the cures through intuition. Sometimes he would hold a plant in his hand and feel it in his body. Other times he would experience deep negative emotions and go into the countryside to find the flower that would help him. Bach discovered that the healing properties of flowers can be transferred into water by putting them in a glass container containing spring water. Bach also boiled some stems and flowers from plants that flower early in the year like holly to overcome the lack of sunlight.

The two most common ways to use the remedies are:

Take two drops of the remedy and add it to a glass. Keep drinking the water frequently.

Take four drops of each remedy and put two drops in a glass with water or brandy.

One combination Dr Bach discovered he used often was the’rescue remedy’. This combination includes 5 of the 38 flower remedies: cherry plum, clematis and impatiens as well as rock rose, star of Bethlehem, rock rose, and impatiens. This can be used in any situation that is stressful or urgent. It is great for after a fall or argument. It is best to mix 4 drops into a glass water, and then take small, frequent sips. In an emergency, you can also use it directly from the bottle. It is a favorite of many nurses that I have met and they secretly and unofficially recommend it for their patients.

The rescue cream has the same five remedies as the rescue remedy drops but it contains crab apple. It is great for minor injuries and babies who have fallen or banged their heads.

Some people may find this problematic as the remedies are made with brandy. You can also apply them to the wrist, behind your ears and at the temples. This will allow you to feel the benefits of the remedies without having to drink alcohol.

These remedies are not intended to be used in conjunction with drugs and can be used with good results by terminally ill patients. Babies and pets often experience miraculous results, and adults can also tell you about amazing results for their children and grandchildren.



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