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Scientists have a wealth of knowledge that can help us understand rheumatoid-arthritis prevention strategies. Researchers have discovered a multitude of ways that a person can lower their risk of developing rheumatoid-related arthritis.

Consider creating your own rheumatoid-arthritis prevention plan if you have a relative suffering from the disease.

Rheumatoid is not contagious and cannot be passed from one person to another. Therefore, it is possible to prevent rheumatoid by avoiding other people who have the disease.

The best way to prevent rheumatoid arthritis is to use common sense and stay physically fit.

Obese people put more strain on their weight bearing joints, making rheumatoid-arthritis prevention almost impossible. Research shows that obese people tend to consume more processed, refined foods. This bad habit is not good for rheumatoid joint prevention.

Drink more water as part of your rheumatoid arthritis prevention program. Your joints’ lubrication is a key function of water. Water accounts for 70% of the cartilage in your joints.

As part of your rheumatoid-arthritis prevention plan, you should also adopt a healthy eating program. Increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and salmon, as well as nuts. Reduce your intake of high-fat red meats, and make sure you take vitamin and mineral supplements.

Both people with rheumatoid arthritis and those who are interested in prevention may wish to reduce repetitive strain on the joints and muscles. Rotate your tasks throughout the day to reduce forceful movements that can lead to rheumatoid artifida.

It’s crucial to alternate work duties, just as it is important for rheumatoid-related arthritis prevention, that you also cross-train when exercising. While a sedentary lifestyle won’t help someone with rheumatoid arthritis or prevent it, it will make it easier to exercise and rest during flare-ups.

Exercise has been proven to be beneficial for women with rheumatoidarthritis.

One Danish study found that exercise strengthened the bones of women suffering from rheumatoidarthritis, who are high-risk of developing osteoporosis.

According to Dr. Ole Rintek Madsen, Bispebjerg University, Copenhagen, Denmark, women suffering from rheumatoid arthritis whose thigh muscles are strongest had denser thighbones. His findings shed light on the prevention of rheumatoid joint disease and suggest that exercise may help to preserve bone strength for patients with rheumatoid.

Psychological health is another important aspect of rheumatoid-arthritis prevention. The reduction of stress is key to preventing any type of disease.

You can meditate, listen to relaxation tapes and do deep breathing exercises, visualization, yoga, or meditation. Yoga poses can help improve flexibility and range-of-motion. This is why it’s ideal for rheumatoidarthritis prevention.

It is difficult to prevent rheumatoid arthritis. There are no lifestyle or medication changes that can be used to stop it. Most people only take steps to manage the disease once they have been diagnosed.

Researchers believe that there are some ways to prevent rheumatoid-related arthritis.

Stop smoking is a sure-fire way to prevent it. After several large studies, including one in the March 2000 Journal of Rheumatology issue, smoking was found to be a potential cause of rheumatoid arthritis.

Frederick Wolfe, M.D. Frederick Wolfe, M.D. The rheumatoid factors values increased when the duration of smoking was correlated. Results also showed that smokers were more likely to be positive for rheumatoid factors than nonsmokers. Additionally, a more severe form of rheumatoidarthritis is associated with the rheumatoid fact.

Don’t forget to protect your joints when you create your rheumatoid-arthritis prevention plan. Many devices and technology are available to help with rheumatoid-related arthritis prevention. You may not need to resort to rheumatoid arthritis coping methods such as splints and canes if you’re successful in your prevention strategies.



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