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7 Things You Can Do Today To Get Rid Of A Beer Gut

The topic of getting rid of beer guts is surrounded by misinformation and hype. You’ll be able to see the real results and keep your money if you can ignore the hype surrounding ab machines, diet pills and magic bullets.

There are no shortcuts to success in life. It is hard work. This task requires fundamental changes in your lifestyle and the exchange of bad habits for positive ones.

These are seven small lifestyle changes that you can make to rid yourself of your beer gut.

  1. To get some exercise, park your car just a few blocks away from work. Take a change of clothes if you are taking the train or bus.
  2. If you have stairs, avoid using lifts or escalators.
  3. Switch to green tea instead of coffee
  4. This will help you burn more calories and increase your metabolism.
  5. Get plenty of water, especially when you get up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.
  6. When you have more energy, eat larger meals in the morning and smaller dinners in the evening. Extra energy will end up being stored in fat. This expression is a good one: “Breakfast as a King, Lunch like a Prince and Supper like a Pauper.” But try to split it into five or six meals instead.
  7. Pay attention to how you sit at work and how you position yourself during daily activities. Transverse abdominus is one of the best exercises to flatten your stomach. This is done by holding your stomach in place (without having to hold your breath). Try to hold it in for as long as possible and improve your time each day.

Sometimes, activating your core is as simple as drawing your belly button into the spine. Set a reminder on your calendar to activate your core several times per day if you work at a computer. You can also set your phone or watch alarm to remind yourself to activate your core even if you aren’t working at a computer. Whether you are standing or sitting, you can tense your stomach muscles and draw your naval into the spine.

If you incorporate these 7 tips into your daily life, you can make a huge difference in getting rid of your unwanted belly fat. While proper diet and exercise are important, it’s possible to lose your beer gut while you’re at work or at play.

These routine changes can be combined with a good exercise and diet plan to see results much faster than you might think. You’ll need to ensure that you are following the correct diet and exercising.

You can find more information on my website about how to get rid of your beer gut and build a 6-pack.



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