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7 Reasons You Want A Holistic Dentist To Take Care of Your Teeth

Bio-Compatible Dentistry Materials: We live in a toxic environment. You don’t want your dentistry to increase your toxic burden or cause more stress to your immune system. Research shows that around 20% of patients with dental problems develop sensitivities to dental material. To determine which materials are best for you, your holistic dentist may offer different testing options.

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is the only condition that can be considered a disease in dentistry. Recent research has attracted a lot of media attention due to the fact that bacteria that causes gum disease can be found outside the mouth. If a patient suffers from gum disease, the same bacteria may be found in their bloodstream. It could also be present in cases of heart disease. A healthy mouth is the gateway to the whole body. Gum health is the most important part of any dental treatment. Before recommending more aggressive treatment for your periodontal health, a holistic dentist will try to maintain your gums with a progressive and balanced program.

Safe Removal of Metal Fillings To ensure that metal particles do not get into your mouth, or worse, become swallowed, you must isolate the teeth. You should have clean air and oxygen to breathe.

Your holistic dentist should also install a filter to prevent any metals from entering the public water supply. 14 percent of pollution in the oceans is caused by dental materials. This type of filtration is actually needed by Bay Area dentists to protect San Francisco Bay’s waters.

TMJ and Bite Problems: A holistic dentist will tell you that your mouth is the main gateway to your entire body. In order to provide the best possible dental care, the patient’s bite alignment and any specific concerns such as problems with the jaw joint (TMJ) must be considered. The bite assessment is crucial for treating the entire body, not just the jaw and head.

You can correct your bite by using splints made with the most advanced materials and making adjustments to the muscles. Your holistic dentist might coordinate your treatment with a chiropractor to ensure the best possible results.

For a successful outcome in your dental treatment, your bite should be healthy. A beautiful smile is a happy smile.

Adjunctive support: Dentists have long stressed the importance to brush and floss regularly, especially after eating sweets. This is important for maintaining good dental health. A holistic dentist might place even greater emphasis on good eating habits.

A sugar-free, alkaline diet can be a great addition to your oral health. Sugar is known to cause tooth decay. Sugar is a food source for bacteria that causes tooth decay. Alkaline diets are also beneficial because acidity in saliva can be caused by the stresses of modern life. This affects both the health and the appearance of teeth and gums. Alkaline diets maintain the pH of saliva in a healthy balance, so the digestive process that starts with the mouth can function at its best. You can reduce or eliminate your sugar cravings by following some easy dietary guidelines.

Homeopathics are powerful tools that can be used by holistic dentists to support oral health and treatment. To calm anxiety, homeopathic pellets of Aconitum Nappus can be used. To dissipate anesthesia’s effects, homeopathic gels can also be applied topically. Traumeel and Arnica can also be used topically on sore gum tissue.

Cosmetic Bonding to Preserve Tooth Structure: Tooth fillings older than 15-20 years can cause cracks in teeth which eventually lead to fractures. Old fillings can be left intact even though the tooth structure is deteriorating around them. Metal fillings can weaken the tooth structure and also stain the tooth beneath them. Old fillings should be removed before they cause damage to the tooth.

Bonding techniques can be used to bond the tooth, which helps to keep it together and not separate. Bonding strengthens the tooth and allows for less tooth structure to be removed. Many tooth-colored, durable fillings are available that look natural and beautiful and support the tooth.

Products and education to eliminate toxic substances from your dental treatment, dental products, home and environment: Today, toxicity reduction is an important determinant of good health. Toxicity can be as difficult as proper nutrition. Although your body is able to convert what you give it into nutrients, over time your immune system and organs may react to cumulative toxicities by breaking down.

Patients need to be aware of the ingredients in toothpaste and mouthwash. Organic, high-quality, and tasty home care options for dental care are becoming more readily available. Your holistic dentist will be able to educate you on the different ways toxic ingredients can be found within personal care products, cleaning products, food and medicine.

We can help our families and ourselves to be aware of which ingredients to avoid and take the time to understand labels. This will allow us to achieve good oral health and general well-being. Your holistic dentist is a valuable resource for your community.



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