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33 Herbs and Spices That Heal

You probably already know that plant medicine works and that herbs are one of the keys to unlocking good health. What you probably need is a quick and easy list that you can refer to.

Good news – there’s a list right here. Print it out and stick it on your refrigerator and you’ll never need to think too much about it. 

While the list below is relatively comprehensive, you should also do more research in your free time to see what other herbs and spices will benefit you. 

  1. Anise Hyssop – treats sore throats, fever and coughs
  2. Basil – treats inflammation, benefits skin, aids in digestion and gut health
  3. Bay leaf – treats migraines and aids in digestion
  4. Borage – increases urination, cleanses blood, treats depression and flu symptoms
  5. Calendula – treats skin irritations and diaper rash, antifungal and antibacterial
  6. Chervil – treats gout, high blood pressure, skin maladies, aids digestion
  7. Chives – promotes bone health, improves sleep, rich in vitamins
  8. Cloves – regulates blood sugar, promotes liver health, prevents stomach ulcers
  9. Coriander – aids digestion, regulates cholesterol, improves appetite
  10. Cumin – regulates blood sugar levels, fights parasites, helps with weight loss, lowers cholesterol levels
  11. Dandelion – combats inflammation, helps regulate blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels
  12. Dill – has healing properties, antibacterial, rich in antioxidants
  13. Elderberry – aids in cardiovascular health, boosts immune system, reduces stress and inflammation
  14. Fennel – improves eyesight, purifies blood, treats constipation and water retention 
  15. Garlic – reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, purifies blood
  16. Ginger – prevents gum disease, aids digestion, prevents nausea, reduces pain
  17. Hawthorn – prevents hair loss, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation, improves heart health
  18. Hibiscus – improves liver health, rich in antioxidants, lowers blood pressure
  19. Lemon balm – helps with sleep, treats anxiety and depression
  20. Marjoram – calms nerves, treats flu symptoms, helps with gall bladder issues
  21. Nutmeg – detoxifies body, improves blood circulation and brain health, boosts immunity, prevents insomnia
  22. Oregano – treats cramps and aches, regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels, manages diabetes risks
  23. Paprika – prevents hair loss, treats insomnia, promotes skin health and good digestion
  24. Parsley – fights cancer, improves bone health, rich in antioxidants
  25. Peppermint – treats inflammation and headaches, freshens breath, treats asthma and nausea
  26. Rosemary – reduces stress, improves concentration, treats muscle pains and indigestion
  27. Sage – prevents inflammation, improves skin health
  28. Tarragon – improves appetite, promotes good sleep, reduces water retention, 
  29. Thyme – can be used as a diuretic, treats sore throat and bad breath
  30. Tulsi – treats arthritis and gastrointestinal issues, regulates blood pressure levels
  31. Valerian – treats menstrual cramps and insomnia, reduces aches and pains and anxiety
  32. Violet – treats coughs and purifies blood
  33. Yarrow – treats hemorrhoids and spider veins, improves brain health and combats inflammation

And there you have it! 33 herbs and spices you can add in your diet to improve your health.

It’s important to note that you should also exercise regularly and be on a clean diet to get the full benefits of these herbs and spices.

Spend some time researching how you’ll include the spices in your cooking and how to make herbal teas with the herbs mentioned above. From there, it’s just a matter of consuming a few of them daily.

“Herbs are the friend of the physician and the pride of cooks.” – Charlemagne

*This content is not meant to replace your current medical professional. Always consult your doctor before use.



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